Don & Dixie Garrison
Don and Dixie Garrison

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In June of 1997 Don and Dixie took a look at Team National. After viewing the program they became excited about the savings on products and services they were already using and the ability to show other family, friends and business acquaintances how to save money and in turn make money. Don has been in the real estate business in the Ozarks for 30 years and was looking for a residual income.

They are truly excited to have their three daughters building this business with them. Their daughter, Tamra has been caring for their grandchild who has cancer and her income from Team National continues. What a help for their family! Daughter, Talyia is a very successful in the business. Third daughter, Tabitha is a single parent and Team National has been a tremendous business for her. Don says, “This is a business you can show your mother.” And he has. He and Dixie have several family members in the business. Read More

Below is a picture of my granddaughter, Whitney. Through donations made to the Shriners, Team National supported her during her bout with cancer. In this picture she is seated on my new Iron Eagle motorcycle that I purchased through Team National. It’s an awesome ride.

Below are some pictures of the log cabin that we purchased with our Team National Benefits Package.

If you are looking for a way to build toward your financial freedom, please contact us.

Don and Dixie Garrison
Double Platinum Presidential Directors
Lampe, Missouri

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